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2020-21 Triumph High School Re-Entry Plan



We will utilize traditional (phone, letters, newsletters, etc.) and electronic (social media, email, etc.) means to communicate with students and parents our re-entry plan and expectations. 


General Information/Concepts

·         Parents should screen their children daily for symptoms of COVID-19 before sending their children to school.

·         Students and staff should stay home if any illness symptoms are present.

·         Any student reporting an illness at school will be sent home. 

o   Symptomatic students who are awaiting pickup by a parent or guardian will wear a mask even if separation from healthy students is feasible.

·         Visitors will not be allowed past the office unless they have a required meeting scheduled (IEP, 504, etc.).

·         Clubs have been suspended until at least October 1, 2020.

·         There will be no outside usage of the building until further notice.


Physical Distancing Measures

·         In situations where space is an issue and six feet of distance between individuals cannot be maintained, masks will be required.

·         Entry to Building

o   Drop-off students and bus students will enter through the main office foyer.

o   Students who drive will enter through the east parking lot doors.

o   Staff will enter through one of these entrances as well.


Student Arrival

·         Entrance Protocol

o   Staff will ensure that students have a mask on when entering the building.

o   Staff will spray students’ hands with hand sanitizer.

o   Students will have their temperature read by a thermometer kiosk or hand-held thermometer.

§  Staff will identify any student who does not pass a temperature check and move them to waiting room.

·         Students will be required to wear a mask until additional screening is complete.

§  Staff will take student’s temperature again after 10 minutes.

§  If student fails a temperature check a second time:

·         Nurse/Staff will determine next steps.

·         Staff will clean area after student(s) depart.

·         Questioning of students regarding health factors:

o   QR reader/camera code for those who have a device will be utilized.

§  First hour teachers will conduct the survey at the start of the period.

§  If any student answers yes on the screener they will immediately be sent to the nurse’s office.

o   Student laptops with proper link will be used for those students who do not have a personal device.

·         Students will report to assigned area—(commons or village area of 1st hour class) after entrance to the building.

·         Commons Area—Students eating breakfast and students arriving prior to 7:20 will sit in the commons following all social distancing protocols.



·         Students and staff will wear masks during transitions and passing times.

·         Students will be encouraged to move along quickly with limited social visiting between classes.

·         Staff will monitor hallways to ensure students move quickly and follow established protocols.



·         Students will exit via main doors and east parking lot doors depending on mode of travel.

o   Bus and “pick up” students will exit via main doors.

o   Students who drive will exit via east parking lot doors.

o   Students are required to exit building by 3:15 unless with a sponsored activity.

·         Social distancing will be maintained in hallways and parking lot.

o   On duty staff will help with social distancing.

·         Students riding a bus will follow transportation guidelines regarding social distancing, masks, etc.



·         Breakfast

o   Students will pick up breakfast and sit in assigned seating in cafeteria on provided seating/tables.

·         Lunch

o   Students will sit in provided seating in cafeteria, stage area, and gym (if needed) for lunch.

o   Students will use hand sanitizer station at lunch pick-up entrance.

§  On duty staff will help supervise both hand sanitizer and social distancing within line and at tables.

o   Students will wear masks while in line and transitioning to tables.

o   District guidelines of students/table will be followed.

§  6 students/rectangle lunch table

§  4 students per standard 6’ round table

o   Students who bring a lunch from home are asked to keep it in their possession at all times and bring it in a disposable container.


o   Students may order food from an outside vendor, however, they will be required to pick it up outside.

§  For students leaving the building, temperatures will be required to be taken prior to re-entry.

o   Students who earn lunch incentive and leave campus for lunch will be required to have their temperature read prior to re-entry.




·         As much as possible, teachers will develop the layout of the room to maintain social distancing protocols.

·         When social distancing is not possible, students and staff will be required to wear masks according to district expectations.

·         Hand Sanitizer stations will be utilized upon each entry to each classroom.

·         Desks will be cleaned with provided sanitizer before students exit classroom.

Revised: 8-11-2020

COVID – 19 Notice

Working together to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19.

Thank you for helping us all stay safe!


If you are not feeling well, or have any of the symptoms listed below, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING.


Guidelines for Visitor Entry

-         Visitors to LCSD#1 schools will be asked to pick up their child outside of the school when possible.

-         Visitors who enter the building are required to wear a face covering.

-         Visitors will not be allowed past the front desk.

-         Hand Sanitizer is available upon entry.  Visitors are encouraged to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit.


Currently Recognized COVID-19 Symptoms

*Fever (100.4 or higher) or feeling feverish

*Repeated chills                                                        *A new or worsening cough
*New or worsening shortness of breath or difficulty breathing                            
*New or worsening fatigue 
*New or worsening muscle or body aches              *New loss of sense of taste or smell
*New or worsening headache that is not normal for student                                
*Sore throat
*New Congestion or runny nose        
*Diarrhea - repeated loose or watery stools

Photo ID Verification

Photo IDs and School Visitation

Please remember that ALL visitors to LCSD #1 schools are required to have photo identification every time they visit a school. LCSD #1 schools utilize a visitor software system called RAPTOR. All visitors will need to present their state ID at the main office, have the ID scanned into RAPTOR and then wear an orange visitors lanyard. You will check out of the school the same way in the main office.

Effective December 2nd

Dear Parents/Guardians of Triumph High School Students,

       Part of the Triumph culture circle is, "Every Minute Matters." Time spent in the learning environment is critical to the advancement of your child's education. When students arrive late to class it shortens their learning time and interrupts the classroom environment. Prompt is one of the 6 P's of the Discovery program. Every Triumph student learns these concepts in the Discovery classroom and is expected to uphold them throughout their time at Triumph. Being prompt is a life-long skill that will help students be successful in their life after high school.

       In order to help students focus on time management skills, such as planning ahead and arriving on time, we are instituting a new tardy policy. If a student incurs three or more tardies in a week, they will be required to serve time in detention the following week. The student will receive 30 minutes for the initial 3 tardies and 10 additional minutes for each tardy received after that. This time will be served after school or during lunch. If you have any questions, please contact Triumph Dean of students at 771-2500.


Every student

at Triumph high school

gets a free healthy breakfast

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